Essay on Visual C # : Language Constructs And Data Types

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Visual C#.NET Language Constructs and Data Types
Once an individual becomes familiar with Visual Studio 2010 (VS) or Visual Studio 2010 Express (VCE) Console and Windows programs, they have learned an exceptional skill. VS, is more complex than VCE however, one does not need to know a lot about how to get started using C# coding. VCE is remotely easier to learn and uses IDE. Once you begin creating application and procedures, it becomes second nature. We have already created simple console applications using the IDE, s and Window Forms applications were easy to create. In this paper we will be analyzing both the Console and Windows programs, how codes are compatible with other .Net compliant languages, describe how data types, standard numerical operations, data conversions, and calendar objects are used with these programs.
Console Program
Since console applications do not require the graphical windows environment, there is no use for the ToolBox components or any interaction of a mouse pointer. It consists of running the applications using a command prompt window. Windows application is not required for learning C# language. It is straightforward. The “Console programs are programs that use text to communicate with the user and the environment, such as printing text to the screen or reading input from a keyboard” (Console Programs, 2014, p.21). When using console programs you will find they are simple to interact with, their behavior is foreseeable and equal among all…

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