Visual Arts As An Effective Medium Of Communication Essay

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In the words of Leo Rosten, “ ...Behind the need to communicate is the need to share. Behind the need to share is the need to be understood.” It is of human nature to communicate, and communication can be defined as the exchange of verbal and non verbal messages. A particular type of non verbal communication is the one depicted in visual arts. In spite of the fact that they are considered aesthetic forms of artist’s expression, they are now an important element in visual communication. Painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture can convey specific ideas and feelings which aid in the communication process. Consequently, visual arts are an effective medium of communication because of the role they play in teaching the English language, their use as art therapy in patients, and the persuasive messages they transmit through the correct use of colors.
Visual arts play an important role in visual communication. A variety of visual forms of expression exists from the early paintings found in the caves of Spain, till the modern photography capturing memorable moments. The best known examples of ancient art are illustrated in cave paintings. Scientific research has provided evidence of painting and sculpture which are found in the Paleolithic era (National Geographic 25). The caves at Pech Merle and Altamira, and the famous Venus of Schelklingen, are considered among the first figuratives prehistoric arts. Located in Spain and Germany, both date approximately 45,000 years and…

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