The 1920's: The Harlem Renaissance

The American Civil War (1860-1865) was a disaster for the Confederate south, leaving many soldiers dead and the south destroyed. However the state of the southern slaves was forever changed. In 1915, thousands of African Americans voyaged from the south to the north, radically changing their opportunties for learning and developing skills. “After many harsh years of slavery, the African American was in great need of happiness and celebration. Because of this, a time of fun, art, and music was born; we call this era The Harlem Renaissance” (“African Americans in the Harlem Ren” 1). This movement took place during the 1920’s to the mid 30’s. Many black landed in Manhattan, New York around 1918. In the 1920’s, Harlem was ethnically intense with cultural empowerment that promoted artists, musicians, poets, and writers, just to name a few aptitudes.
The Harlem Renaissance was
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Curators and critiques of the art world have rarely considered early African American themes and expressions of art as big money makers whether they relate to slavery, sharecropping, or ghetto life (Belton2). Some went to Europe and some stayed in America. The Harlem Renaissance was an era where visual art were created by talented African Americans man and woman whom creations had a rare diverse and meaningful expression. Artists such as Aaron Douglass, Sargent Johnson, and Palmer Hayden just to name a few were some of the males visual artists, and Meta Fuller, Samella Lewis, and Augusta Savage was the Africana American ladies that exemplified the visual artists and art era during the Harlem Renaissance. Visual art displayed a variety of black aesthetic these visual arts originated their art from Africa (Belton1). Artist’s creation was a symbolic stance that embraced the history of the struggles of slaves doing

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