Visual Analysis Of The Advertisement Essay

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Visual Analysis of the Advertisement
Visual elements are important parts of each kind of advertising. The visual objects play an important role in passing a message and strongly appeal not only to people`s minds but also to the feelings. The significance of images in the advertising lies in purpose of it which is to persuade customers to buy any product. It can also stimulate people to act in a definite way. The artwork that is considered in this paper refers to the social advertising. In such a way its imagery system and content are directed to light the important social truths.
The chosen artwork describes the family of three persons sitting in a car. The man and his supposed wife are looking at each and talking. They seem very happy and even do not notice what is happening outside their auto. However, it is important to look at the background of the picture where a little boy is presented. The first impression is very surprising, and it is hard to understand how this boy looks like. Yet on the second glance one can see that the face of this boy is shown only partly. In fact the boy on the background screams because he understands that in a minute it will be an accident. Only his mouth is shown because the eyes are hidden by the mirror where the other little child is also shown. The genre of the analyzed artwork is a social advertising presented in the form of photo. As it has been already mentioned the main idea of social advertising is to make people aware of the most…

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