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13 January 2008 Abortion: A Tale of Two Toons To sway opinions or target certain audiences, authors often use written humor as a means to convey their argument. Artists and designers behind visual statements such as magazine advertisements or posters frequently use the same method. Political cartoons are a popular way of expressing opinions about current events and dissatisfaction with governing officials. The ever growing abortion debate is the subject of Jim McCloskey’s cartoon making fun of pro-choice activists, and Mike Luckovich’s cartoon mocking pro-life advocates’ views. While McCloskey relies heavily on emotional appeal, and Luckovich uses strong exaggeration, both
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By using this strategy, the artist not only makes the abortion doctor the villain, but he portrays women as potential evil-doers as well. Since a cartoon of this nature would likely appear in the opinions section of the daily newspaper, the author could be targeting potential voters. By putting such a statement into a comic, he may catch the eye of some readers who would normally overlook written articles against the pro-choice position. In turn, the artist may hope to have these people re-think their political opinions. Through his use of emotional appeal, towards the apparently innocent fetus and against the raging protestors, McCloskey effectively grabs the attention of his audience. In addition, his unexpected and subtle use of gender roles adds depth to his cartoon, further strengthening his argument. In contrast to McCloskey’s cartoon blatantly mocking pro-choice campaigners, Mike Luckovich’s cartoon against pro-life advocates has a darker and more subtle humor. His comic depicts a full- grown man with his eyes closed, sealed in a large glass jar. The jar is labeled “DEAD ABORTION DOCTOR.” Sitting across the shelf is a much smaller jar labeled “DEAD FETUS” with an indiscernible clump floating around in it. Standing between the two is a dim- looking bald man in a suit holding a sign that declares

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