Visual Agnosia As An Impairment Essay

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Visual Agnosia The textbook defined visual Agnosia as an impairment in object recognition which can be caused by brain damage. Visual Agnosia is a brain disease that has no cure. In the video, Kevin talked about his issue of visual Agnosia. Kevin can identify colors, faces such as his children’s pictures but can’t be able to locate an object. Kevin plays guitar, he cannot read music but know how to construct music by listening to it and reconnect it with his guitar. Kevin’s visual Agnosia made him to be unable to identify any object he sees but however, he is able to use his memory to pick out some component of the object. Although I have never come across with someone that is suffering from visual agnosia, however, the video makes me realize that the brain work in a simultaneous way. Even though the part of Kevin’s brain that is able to make him identify objects is destroyed, his other central part of the brain is able to make his process people’s faces. One of the questions I was asking myself while watching the video is that, is it possible to be able to see people but unable to identify an object? In my mind, I was thinking if Kevin can be able to identify faces, he should be able to identify an object next to him, there should be no difference in his vision.
Out of curiosity, I did some research about symptoms of visual Agnosia because I want to really understand the concept of it. I found out that there are two categories of visual agnosia: Apperceptive which…

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