Essay on Visiting The Worcester House Of Corrections

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Visiting the Worcester House of Corrections was an unforgettable experience. This experience was enlightening and was able to provide insight into what jail is really like, as well as what addicts go through before, during, and even after incarceration. No matter what way you look at it, at the end of the day, an addict will always love their drug of choice. Sometimes, no matter what else the addict has going for them in their lives, whether it is their kids or other family members, the drug and getting remains their number one priority. Like Eric said, "you can 't save an addict, if they don 't want to be saved" addicts need to come to the conclusion that they need help on their own, they can 't be forced into it, not even by the people who love and care about them most. At the end of the day, whether or not they need or decide to get help is entirely up to the individual 's discretion. On the other hand, some addicts not only decide to do it for themselves but for their children and other family members. Generally speaking, the addicts we had the pleasure of meeting and talking with had been in and out of the prison system for years. This means we were better able to understand the recidivism rate of the jail system. No matter how much the system tries to avoid raising the rates of recidivism by helping these addicts detox and get clean, without the proper programs and the addicts will to succeed in his or her recovery, the rates will continue to rise. If I didn 't feel…

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