Visit With A Local College And Career Readiness Counselor Essay

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I decided to visit with a local College and Career Readiness counselor. Mrs. Melissa Adkins is located at Uvalde High School. She is the only Career and Readiness Counselor at a school that has 1,400 students. When I asked her what her job title was she stated, “ College and Career Readiness counselor, dual credit, CTE, and a soon to be early college high school. Mrs. Adkins has a computer lab that consists of 30 dell laptops and a small wooden bookshelf with many books and a table with brochures. She is available during school hours, 8:20-4:20 and on Mondays she works form 7:00-5:00 in order to help students who are busy with extracurricular activities. Mrs. Adkins assist 9th-12th grade with paperwork for dual credit, TCI testing, and navigate college and what classes they should take. She uses Microsoft Excel to keep up with students’ data and to keep up with the students she visits with. She also stated she uses Eduthings, which is a software to assist in importing CTE information, ApplyTexas, and FAFSA. Mrs. Adkins stated that she did have some Computer Assisted Career Guidance Systems available like Naviance and Choices. Naviance and Choices help students with college planning and career tools, both programs consist of multiple interest inventory tests, personality test, learning style tests. The school pays all programs and materials, except that there are specific requirements for dual credit. A student it required to pay for the textbook and if they fail…

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