Visit The Zoo On Zoo Essay

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For this assignment I decided to visit the Houston Zoo. I decided to visit the Zoo as it has been years since I have been to the zoo. My last visit was probably when I was in kindergarten, which I don’t really remember what I saw at the zoo other than the animals. I went before spring break to visit the zoo, as my grandmother came to Houston for the first time, and my family and I wanted to take her to different places around the Houston area. Visiting the zoo, helped me realized how fun and full of learning experiences the students can take out from the zoo. I feel that in the future I will take my future students to the zoo so they can experience observing the different animals that the zoo bring to us to view. The zoo has a lot of exotic animals that we don’t see in our day to day lives like monkeys, lions, tigers, elephants and many more. I feel that the zoo will be an excellent place to take my students so they can learn about different animals and their habitats. In addition, the zoo has a small aquarium, where we can see different types of fishes. Furthermore, I really enjoyed a little tunnel where one can enter and come out to the top of it. I feel that the students will really enjoyed being able to get inside. Overall, the zoo serves as a place where students can learn about different scientific concepts we have seen in the classroom such as habitats, food chains, and many more. A language art TEKS that I can aligned with this field trip can be, 1.20Aiii:…

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