Essay about Visit The Sylvan Learning Center

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For our interview/observation we decided to visit the Sylvan Learning Center in North Bismarck. None of us really had any experience with this particular center so we were really interested to see what Sylvan was about. When we first arrived, we observed for the first hour we were there. The three of us watched three different groups that included anywhere from two to four kids per group. The last twenty minutes we spent interviewing the head supervisor of the learning center asking questions ranging anywhere from what her personal experiences included to the changes within Sylvan. This interview/observation was very informative and the three of us really took a lot from it.
When we went to the Sylvan Learning Center, we went to the center on Century Street. Going into the center we had some ideas of what the people did there and how they did it. We thought that it was one on one tutoring and that the children brought in their own homework and somebody would help them. Instead, we found out that the center breaks children up into areas that they need to work on. Some children needed help with math; others needed help with reading, and some in science. The three of us where split up and got to observe each group separately. The children sit around a table and the helper sits on a chair and can easily move around to help each children. The children used iPads to go through a small section of work that needs to be done. Once the child has completed that section, they take an…

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