Visioning Information Technology at Cirque Du Soleil Essay

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Visioning Information Technology at Cirque du Soleil

Indraneel Kuppili
Introduction | 3 | The Fantastic Journey of Cirque du Soleil | 3 | Establishment of Headquarters | 3 | Mission of Cirque du Soleil- Invoke, Provoke, Evoke | 4 | Confronting the Challenges | 4 | Major Problems faced by Cirque du Soleil: | 6 | Conclusion | 8 | Recommendations | 8 | Implementation | 9 | References | 9 |

Visioning Information Technology at Cirque du Soleil
The main purpose of the case study is to incorporate IT into Cirque du Soleil.
Danielle Savoie was appointed as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in Cirque du Soleil when the company considered IT as a significant tool, but not as a
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One main difference was that it did not have animals which would obviously increase the cost overhead. That has cut down a lot of costs for Cirque as training, maintaining, providing shelter and transporting them from one place to another involves huge amounts of money. Also, unlike the traditional circuses which had three rings for the animals to jump through them, Cirque had only one ring, which reduced their costs and also captivated the attention of the audiences.

Confronting the Challenges:
Challenge 1:
Cirque du Soleil had to face a lot of challenges when it came to their touring shows. Danielle Savoie described it as: "When we raise our big top, in some field out in the middle of nowhere, what we're actually building is a village, and it needs electricity , phones, water, offices, Internet and, of course, a computer network. A tour is a little village travelling from city to city; a village that is practically self- sufficient, with its own kitchen, its own workshop for maintenance and repairs, its box office, and its heating and air conditioning system. It's a village of about 150 people, and it needs the very best technology to meet their needs, which range from basic bandwidth requirements to ticket sales, payroll and phone systems. And this is a village that moves every six or seven weeks, which means that it has to be constantly torn down and setup again."[1]
The biggest challenge for Cirque was managing the assembling and

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