Fedex Internal Analysis

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Internal Environment
Vision and Mission
Before 1980, United Parcel Service (UPS) was the leading express delivery service company. The use of air services for delivery was unexplored. A visionary leader – Fred Smith – paved a new way for FedEx, with a commitment to quality, customer and innovation, to compete with UPS, and now it holds a sizable chunk in the overnight delivery market.
FedEx Corporation’s mission statement focuses on the following:
• Quality - providing high value-added services (transportation, logistics and business)
• Shareholders’ benefits –producing high financial returns and market capitalization for the shareholders investments
• Customers – meeting customer’s needs for different market segments
• Employees, Partners
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The company has over 300,000 members spanning geographies, background and cultures. The people are motivated and driven by a common goal, The Purple Promise: “To make every FedEx Experience Outstanding”.
The company follows a corporate philosophy of “People-Service-Profit (P-S-P)” which means an emphasis of “People” results in the outstanding “Service”, going by the Purple Promise, and thus, this produces “Profits” which are in turn used to fund the future and reward the People.
The team engaging culture of FedEx has put the company on the list of Fortune Magazine’s “100 Companies to work for” for 11 out of 14 years with “Best Company to Work for” Hall of Fame in 2005.

Image and Brand Equity
FedEx has been synonymous with express delivery in terms of brand name. In fact, people have used the brand name as a verb when they talk about quick delivery – “FedEx it”. The positioning of the brand in the customers’ mind is that the company is that of one to which you turn to whenever fast delivery is needed. It is difficult to imitate this brand image for the competitors since the large fleet of aircrafts, the huge infrastructure and the brand image that the company has built in these years would need a lot of capital and advertising to be
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They have programs like Quality-Driven Management
FedEx was the first company to create a website, leveraging internet, and using it as a platform to offer online package tracking system.
FedEx is committed to develop new technologies and provide innovative solutions to customers. Some of their initiatives to work in the field of innovation are:
FedEx Institute of Technology at University of Memphis: An institute which provides a high-tech facility for research teams to work on innovative solutions.
SenseAware: Sensor-based logistics to help the customers track their package in real time, with information like location, temperature, light exposure etc.
FedEx TechConnect: It houses customer service, support, planning and analysis teams which develop global revenue systems and technology solutions, providing solutions to customers all over the world.
FedEx “Ship to Friends”: A Facebook application for customers to use social media to ship packages to

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