Virtue, Values, And Moral Concepts In Business Ethics

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Register to read the introduction… If I did nothing a told know one, then that person would just keep getting away with robbing the company. If anybody ever found out that I knew something about the stealing and never said anything then they might want to hold me partly liable. If I turned the person into management before confronting them, I think it could have possibly been unfair to that person because I didn’t consider any other variables in the situation. Just confronting the person about the stealing could make them very defensive and aggressive towards me. There are some similarities and differences in the relationship between virtue, values, and moral concepts in the dilemma. If just going off of virtue alone, I would have to turn the person without even questioning if they had a decent reason for doing it or not. The principle of the matter was that they were stealing from the company. Virtue is somewhat in conflict with my values in this case because, I believe that people deserve a fair chance, and if I can be the difference in them changing their life for the better instead of getting in serious trouble then I think I …show more content…
If someone feels like they aren’t being compensated high enough in their salary, then they might feel like taking a few items from the company unsaid, would make it even. This stems from the greed of wanting more material assets, like I mentioned before. There are a couple of different social pressures that I felt in this situation. The first is how nobody wants to be called a “nark” or a “taddle tale”, so many people turn to keeping their mouth shut in situations like this so they don’t cause any waves. I felt the pressure to not say anything about the problem and just keep my mouth shut. I also feel the social pressure of defending my employer and not letting them get taken advantage of. There is a certain obligation that I have with the company since I’m an employee, and that is to stay honest and trustworthy, and to look out for potential problems that can conflict with those values of honesty and

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