Essay on Virtue Ethics And Moral Decisions

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Virtue ethics, a theory created by Aristotle used to make moral decisions. His theory solely relied on individualism, not society, culture or religion. His theory was introduced in ancient Greek times. For Aristotle one should be able to do good without mere pleasure or political since it would be superficial. Virtue ethics is more concerned with how one should live. The question someone might ask when following Virtue of ethics is, " What person should I become" not "what should I do?" These questions do more with the true character and nature of someone rather than, someone basing their actions on right or wrong. Virtue ethics is how a person can become an exceptional person. Aristotle said that those who lived this life would live virtuous, happy life and have a sense of well being. Aristotle said that every ones ultimate goal in life is to be happy and by following this would lead to perfect virtues. The Greeks called this eudaimonia which meant the well being and happiness.
To become a better person a person should be able to practice virtuous acts on a daily basis. Aristotle said virtuous is not something we are born with but acquire over time. If a person complies with virtuous acts, it would later lead to a daily habit leading to a virtuous life. For example, when a child is growing up they are thought please and thank you, as they get older they understand the meaning of these words and start using them daily. The people who practice virtues like manners make…

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