Virtualization Essay

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Virtualization and Its Benefits

Virtualization and Its Benefits
AITP – Research and Strategy Advisory Group
Christine, Leja, CCP, Chair Richard C. Barnier Charles L. Brown, CCP Paul F. Dittmann Paul Koziel Mark Welle J.T. Westermeier, JD, CCP

Virtualization provides many benefits – greater efficiency in CPU utilization, greener IT with less power consumption, better management through central environment control, more availability, reduced project timelines by eliminating hardware procurement, improved disaster recovery capability, more central control of the desktop, and improved outsourcing services. With these benefits, it is no wonder that virtualization has had a meteoric rise to the 2008 Top 10 IT Projects! This
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The year 2008 has seen a significant amount of literature and adoption of virtualization of servers. Other forms of virtualization such as ―to the desktop‖ and ―for storage‖ are identified as follow up TCO and ROI virtualization impacts given continued research and implementation strategies. VMware is seen as the leader in virtualization but Microsoft‘s recent focus and product announcements are giving VMware competition. As time passes, the virtualization leader will need to deliver solutions on all aspects of virtualization (networks, servers, storage, desktops, etc. while maintaining TCO and ROI for its customers. Licensing is already a discussion with respect to TCO and ROI and vendors are responding. Management of virtualization environments will need ―ease of use‖ and an inventory management component that dynamically tracks virtualization ensuring that data center managers will always know the state of their virtual environments. Virtualization is seen as a benefit for a swift and less painful business continuity process – but only if the total data center environment remains manageable. Early adoption and migration to virtual servers typically uses non-mission critical applications and Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions. A watchful eye is kept on new vulnerabilities that may appear with the use of virtualization – yet another reason to start slowly and carefully with non-mission critical applications and DR

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