Virtualization And Virtualization Of Virtualization Essay

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Virtualization was a server technology that allowed multiple simulated (virtual) machine instances to run on a single hardware platform. It gave the ability to provide shared resources in the infrastructure environment. Virtualization was implemented by taking a physical server, loading a virtualization operating system (Hypervisor) and hosting multiple virtual machines. Each virtual machine operated as if it was a separate computer. The benefits of the approach was that compute resources could be used more efficiently, rather than having only one operating system or application running on a single physical server. With virtualization you could have multiple operating systems, databases or applications running, which was balanced across the available compute resources (See Exhibit 4).
Virtualization had become a good investment because the features it provided were beneficial and helped increase scalability, flexibility and agility in IT, while saving on capital and operational expenditure. Virtualization had also transformed Datacenters into a more software defined environment in which operations had become more automated, greener and easier to manage (Exhibit 5).
With virtualization physical servers could also be configured into a cluster (more than one physical server where virtual machines could be hosted) which allowed scalability and redundancy when a physical box would fail (See Exhibit 6). When upgrading virtual machines, it could take less than 3 minutes for the…

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