Virtual Reality And Its Reality Essay

1481 Words Oct 13th, 2016 6 Pages
Virtual Reality and Augment Reality Advances Two technologies have been in the news for the whole last year, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Augmented Reality is a technology where input from the outside world is given computer inputs to give a new perception of the world the user is observing. Virtual Reality created a new, completely computerized world. Samsung created the Gear VR, a system that let the typical smartphone user to get a special headset and program to turn their phone into a Virtual Reality headset. Companies like Google and Nintendo has been taking Augmented Reality technology for their devices, one of the most noted is the Google Glass. In this past year, new and old gaming companies aim for these two technologies to gain more customers. Both of these technologies would be a great help for video game companies, but one technology would have to dominate. Advancement of Augmented reality is needed more than the advancement of virtual reality because AR technology helps bring gamers together by introducing game elements into the real world while VR will keep them in their separate worlds.
Augmented Reality goes to tabletop Nintendo had use Augmented Reality in their 3DS portable video game console. It used data written in special cards to be scanned by the camera built in to generate characters or games of the player to see and interact with. Other companies thought about making such type of cards for card games. There is a Kickstarter for a card…

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