Virtual Physician Visit

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This paper will discuss my innovative approach making use of latest technology in health care. As I began my research, I came across a product that caught my eye. The product is Virtual Physician Visit. The reason I choose this product is due to lack of knowledge about it. I had never heard off such product. As my research went into more depth about virtual office visit, it became a lot more attractive to me. According to (Michelle, Eads, MD) “ they are convenient, they’re efficient, and for a growing number of physicians, they pay”. Primary care, doctors are continuously exploring innovative methods to attain outcomes that are beneficial to patients and establish fulfilling and economically practice. This paragraph will give a detail …show more content…
Putting the electronic health records (EHRs) in place is very essential. EHRS enables doctors to access patient’s medical history, treatment plans, diagnosis, and prescriptions, etc. very quickly and safely. This process is very useful to the networks and health care providers. EHRs help suppliers and patients to exchange their data at any location they in. There is a lower cost alternative for patients that are uninsured and use the online services for doctors. For a patient paying only $45 for a virtual visit for only sinus infection is much affordable than going to the ER and waiting for hours. Virtual visits are benefitting especially to those Individuals living in the remote locations where there are shortages of doctors and traveling to the hospital has prolonged due to the distance. Virtual visit helps these individuals not only with health care but gives these individuals an inexpensive way of getting treatment in the comfort of their home. Virtual visit improves the quality of life by giving assurance to those patients who are in need of care. According to (Eads, 2007) “patients have a lower cost than co-pay and have to spend less out of pocket”. According to Eads, “ his office has provided virtual visits for many years and the service has become a profitable means of offering care for his office,”(Eads, 2007). The virtual visit is not only less time consuming, but is very comforting and affordable. The virtual visit provides a monetary benefit to both the doctor and patients. One of the biggest issues with the virtual visit is Internet connection and lacking knowledge in the use of technology. In This technology, there is a positive and negative impact in regards to health care Organization. It all relies on the requirements created to establish these services. The organization must develop a form of review to decide if virtual

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