Virtual Local Area Network Can Be Viewed As A Group Of Devices

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VLAN also called as virtual local area network can be viewed as a group of devices created on different LAN segments that can communicate with each other as if they were all on the physical LAN segments. VLAN can be used to group devices into a single domain which helps to confine broadcast traffic for the work group to those devices that need to see it, by reducing traffic to the rest of the network. Eliminating latency from router connection, provides an increased speed. Refraining from connecting the foreign networks can increase the security of the system.
Use of VLAN in hospitals:
The use of Information Technology, is increasing when compared to the previous years. IT is playing an important role by helping the patients recover sooner and assisting the doctors to diagnose the disease faster. There are various benefits of using VLAN in hospitals such as:
 Wireless networks lets the staff access patient data in real-time.
 The patient data can be accessed by the doctors at any given point of time.
 Keep a track of patient’s charts to monitor their health condition.
 The patient data can be transferred over other networks at ease.
 It helps improve the hospital communication especially in the emergency department.
In reference to the case study, ST. Luke’s has enhanced their WLAN which was deployed in January 1998, and replaced them with CISCO Aironet Access Points (AP’s), which is operated at 11 Mbps when compared to the 1.2 Mbps. Implementing VLAN in St. Luke’s…

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