Virginia 's And The Old Memories Of France Essay

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It grew almost impossible to discover much of Rhys’s past after her death, as only eleven published manuscripts were left after she died. Therefore this seems to expose Rhys’s aspiration of not wanting anyone to delve into her private past, as wanted to concentrate on what existed during her prime. Yet people still maintained speculation regarding Rhys’s early years, wanting to use her past works to give reason to what happened in her present and future pieces. Likewise Woolf wanted none of her past writings to be published after she died, leaving a note to her husband Leonard Woolf, which stated ‘Will you destroy all my papers.’ This showed a desire to only live within present time. However he seemed to disregard Virginia’s wishes and published all her work, suggesting Virginia’s texts are all ‘seen as mirrors in which she explored facets of her vision and creativity.’ Sasha appears to exist in two different time zones, moving between her present time in Paris and the old memories of France which are chasing her throughout her journey. Rhys uses the present to highlight the importance of each occurrence for Sasha and therefore how deals with these events. The ways in which her earlier memories are illustrated reveal reasoning behind Sasha’s fears and are key to comprehending her later anxieties. She travels through Paris where the reader can depict her hopelessness through the novels stream of consciousness format. This novels structure links ‘The Woman Who Walked…

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