Virginia Woolf The Mark On The Wall Analysis

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The Stories “The Mark on the Wall” and “A Room or One’s Own” By: Virginia Woolf Contribute to Contemporary Feminism in many ways. After reading the biography of Virginia Woolf, this gives you a deep dive into her life as a child and her family. In the biography Virginia talks about how all the girls in the family were home schooled while the males in her family attended Cambridge. Virginia as a young girl had some very traumatic moments in her life that caused a nervous breakdown at an early age. Despite Virginias Miseries she managed to learn 3 different languages, as she was later introduced to radical feminists. The fact that Virginia became an author and begins to express her personal desolation through her writings, contemporary feminism …show more content…
Let’s review a few lines from the story.
What now takes the place of those things I wonder, those real standard things? Men perhaps, should you be a woman; the masculine point of view which governs our lives, which sets the standard, which establishes Whitaker’s Table of Precedency, which has become, I suppose, since the war half a phantom to many men and women, which soon—one may hope, will be laughed into the dustbin where the phantoms go, the mahogany sideboards and the Landseer prints, Gods and Devils, Hell and so forth, leaving us all with an intoxicating sense of illegitimate freedom—if freedom exists. (Woolf)
In these lines I feel that the author Virginia Woolf displays how men are considered to be an real standard and women are not. It also shows her Feminism when she says: Should you be a woman. If you look deeply into this text the author makes it obvious to the reader that Feminism is prevalent. I would like to even go a step further in the review of these lines to say that I feel that the author’s line, Gods and Devils could have easily been a way she was comparing men and women. Two different sexes with one being held to a higher standard. Now that may be an argument that I may lose, but again these are things that come to mind from an author that definitely has feminism present in the stories she

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