Virginia Woolf Professions For Women Analysis

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Virginia Woolf’s “Professions for women” is an essay, but it sounds like a speech.
Woolf recalls that when she worked as a journalist, she felt restricted expressing down her real feeling and reviews about men’s writing. When she worked as a novelist then, she also had to worry about if men would be shocked or disagreed with the truth she told. Her own two specific pieces of experiences reveal women’s struggle in today’s society and also try to provide solutions for defending women’s rights. Woolf names the obstacle “The angel of the house” (101) as the phantom of suppression and restrictions on women in their daily life. She uses this metaphor to reflect that women are forced by the society to be “intensely sympathetic, immensely charming
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However, blindly blaming the angel is meaningless since that cannot solve practical issues of unfairness women are facing. We should learn from Woolf that although the angel in the article even tries to control her by even “whispering” (101) to her, Woolf “caught her by the throat” (102) to express strong disagreement and bravery. As long as women realize the unfair treatment they are facing and would like to pursue their dreams, the only solution for women to defend their rights is killing the angel by themselves, putting down pressure from household and getting involved into the society. Finally, women will discover their deepest potentials of jobs and hobbies and make their goals come true for sure. Women ought to always believe that if they don’t kill the angel first, the angel would kill them by ruining their ideal life and ambition. While killing the angel, women should leave public’s clichés and expectation on how they are supposed to behave, simply focusing on their aims with determination. Furthermore, Woolf argues that being economically independent also helps women build up confidence and live the ways they want

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