Essay on Virginia Wesleyan And Buckhannon West Virginia

1058 Words Oct 14th, 2016 5 Pages
I have fallen in love with West Virginia Wesleyan and Buckhannon West Virginia. There are multiple reasons why this has happened over the past year and some of the reasons are because of the small school size, how great the academics are, the amazing soccer program, and how Wesleyan suits my personal life, and personality, perfectly. I appreciate the small school, that Wesleyan is, because I am a person and not just another number in the school. The education at Wesleyan is more personalized to fit me and my needs. For example, if I need to talk to a professor outside of class hours, they are available and very willing to help. With the teachers being as available as they are, the overall vibe of the campus and the small town is it has the feel of a tight knit community and everyone is treated like family. Since Wesleyan is a small school and has amazing academics, it lines up with the person I want to become, a smart, out-going, courageous woman heading into a new life. The academics offer a good selection of science based classes for me to explore as I’m deciding what I want to be. Since the class sizes are smaller, I get more direct interaction with professors instead of graduate teaching assistant. It’s an immense factor that the professors will make time for me if I need help or don’t understand parts of the lesson they’re teaching. I love the small class sizes because I’m more vocal and put my input in more, rather than large classes I like to observe more than…

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