Virgin Atlantics Strategic Management and Leadership Skills Essay

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The Henry Fayol one who is the author of Principles of Management says that the every organization is divided in the shape of a pyramid, that pyramid is divided as three sectors i.e. the bottom level is the Operational level and the Middle level is the Management level and the top level is the Strategic Level
In this strategic level decides the overall Companies performance. Those who handle this Strategic level is known as the top level executives of the company like CEO, CFO, Chartered Secretaries etc… these people are the main leaders who the leads the entire company while taking appropriate management decisions at right time based on their decision the entire management and Company crew will work. So we can Say that
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If the leader of the organization is efficient the concern organization is also efficient if it is not vice versa. So leadership skill and strategic management has a good correlation. A leader with good leadership skill then that leader can apply all of his/her talent in the plat form of Strategic level of the Company as a result company can attain its goals easily.
In the Scenario of Virgin Atlantic case analysis shows that the Strategic level of this company is very strong that is the key success factor of this organization. Strategic management level of this company is blessed with good strategic leaders with efficient leadership skills. Based on this leadership skills and management efficiency this companies brand value is more reputed in the business industry.
1.2 Impact of different management and leadership style could have on Virgin Atlantic Strategic decisions.
The different Management style and leadership skill may favorably or adversely affect the organization that depends up on the situation. Form the above understanding it says clearly there is no strategic management without good leadership both are correlated. So Every organization overall performance is the mixture and the proper blending of the strategic management and the leadership skill. If the management level of the organization is not working under the plan formulated by the Strategic level means if they violated the plan, the leader’s

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