Virgin Atlantic Airways Hr Strategies Essay

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Virgin Atlantic Airways HR Strategies
Virgin Atlantic Airways is a British airline owned and managed by Singapore Airlines and the Virgin Group. Virgin Group has created over 300 branded businesses worldwide, with a workforce of around 50,000 in 30 countries. Established almost 28 years ago by Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic has grown to be Britain’s second largest airline. The airline has a staff of around 9,000 people and flies over 4.5 million passengers every year to major world cities (Murkerjee & Verma, 2010). Virgin Atlantic has an especially strong brand that is crucial for brand maintenance that all workers understand and live Virgin ethos. Human resources are significant for Virgin Atlantic to realize a competitive advantage. Having competent candidates is important for the airline as it can boost the airline’s reputation and give it the best branding power. The human resources departments at Virgin Atlantic have focused on developing new recruitment materials and engaging in job fairs to promote the airline and attract more clients.
Recruitment of new roles, cabin crew and international location is a steady requirement, since the nature of long haul sector implies regular staff turnover, especially cabin crew. Virgin Atlantic recruits around 1,000 new starters annually and there was a necessity to reduce the time taken to post the new recruits. The earlier 2-day orientation program was operated on weekly basis; all new recruits, regardless of their…

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