Virat Kohli Analysis

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Yet another overseas series defeat for India. Following a stream of success on sub-continental conditions (and on similar pitches in West Indies), this tour of South Africa has been the first exposure outside its comfort zone for this Virat Kohli-led team. And here we are, India, the No.1 Test side in the world according to ICC rankings, are 0-2 down after two Tests in a three-match series. The threat of a humiliating whitewash is on the cards and yet the skipper is not ready to answer the tough questions. Instead he argues with journalists on a post-match presser.

It is high time that Kohli should take help from professionals, who can teach him how to deal with the media following a series defeat. It will only help him in future on similar
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In fact, he stuck to his point that India played its ‘best XI’ in Centurion.
“What's the best XI?” When being asked by an Indian journalist regarding Kohli started combating the scribe with his arrogance.
“But you're saying... you're telling me we could have played the best XI. So you tell me the best XI and we'll play that. I'm saying the loss obviously hurts. But you make one decision and you back it. We certainly don't sit here and say, 'oh if you fail in one game you are not good enough to be at this level or...' once the team loses.
“Didn't we lose in India? We had the best XI there. Whoever plays should be good enough to go out there and do the job for the team. That's why we've got such a big squad. Because we believe in their abilities and they are good enough to be at this level but you need to do that collectively as a team. You can't pinpoint and say this is the best XI. 'We played with teams before that have looked really strong and have lost as well. So, I certainly don't bend towards that opinion at all.

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