Essay Violent Video Games Should Not Be Banned For Minors

1097 Words Mar 6th, 2016 null Page
In 2008, studies at the Pew Research Center showed that 97 percent of youth from ages 12 to 17 played some type of video game. Of that 97 percent, two-thirds played video games containing some violent content. There have been many studies regarding the effect of violent video games, especially on minors. Unfortunately, many wish to ban these games from youth. These violent video games should not be banned for minors, because they can educate the player, there is no link between violent video game exposure and aggression, and the violent video games can be part of development.

One reason for keeping violent video games in the hands of minors is that the games can teach the player. For example, Joshua Quittner, the author of Are Video-games so bad?, writes “Jenkins, who co-edited a book, FROM BARBIE TO MORTAL KOMBAT, that examines the way boys and girls react to e-games, says moderately violent video games might even be beneficial, helping girls learn how to compete in an aggressive world”(Quittner). This means that if violent video games are banned, youth would lose an important teaching device. Is this truly what is best for youth? Since the evidence shows that video games with violent content can be a helpful teaching device, violent video games must not be banned. While violent video games can be helpful, they can also expose youth to an excess amount of violence. However, the same can be said about violent books, but nobody suggests banning them to youth.…

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