Essay on Violent Video Games On Aggressive Behavior

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Public officials and other critics raise concern about the role of media and culture particularly violent video games. At Ohio State University a controlled experiment took place where participants, like tens of millions young Americas that play video games including the widely popular Grand Theft Auto, were mowing people over, shooting police officers, and taking close aim at by-standers. After fifteen minutes of intense actions the participants were asked to answer questions, choose from thirty-two adjectives including mean, nervous, scared, and strong to describe their feelings, and even having to decide how much chili powder to pour into the drink of a would-be-opponent. All designed to measure any effects of violent video games on aggressive behavior. Phycology professor Brad Bushman, a leading scholar in the field for several decades, and the man behind the Ohio State research says the effects are “clearly measureable,” and more so with the direct you-pull-the-trigger nature of newer 3-D games.
You are linked to the violent character, if it is a first person shooter game you have the same visual perspective as the killer. You get points when you kill people, you kill enough people you get to advance to the next level of the game. You are also rewarded through things you might here, such as ‘impressive,’ ‘nice shot,’ ‘you are tied for the lead.’ When someone hears these praises we know that reinforcement increases the probability of behavior. “The results clearly show…

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