Violent Video Games Effects On Youth Essay

1198 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 null Page
In recent years, video games have been rapidly growing in popularity, especially many violent video games for child and adolescents, that go unregulated to the age group is playing them instead of who they were meant for being a mature audience, which are beginning to show many short, or long term effects correlated with increased aggressive behaviours. Desensitization and cognitive learning have shown effects in children due to violent video games. Violent video games can cause physiological effects in youth that include: delayed sleep, increased heart rate, and altered cognitive responses to violence. Aggressive behaviour, in youth, can be a result of repeated exposure to these video games which can have short, or long term effects. Violent video games have been a popular choice of entertainment for youth that can cause adverse effects on their development for instance: desensitization to violence through observational learning, physiological effects in the short, or long term, and more aggressive behaviours. Violent video games have been shown to have effects of desensitization and observational learning occurring in youth. “That is, at least for individuals whose prior exposure to video game violence was low, playing a violent video game caused a reduction in the brain 's response to depictions of real-life violence, and this reduction, in turn, predicted an increase in aggression” (Bartholow, Bushman, Engelhardt & Ken, 2011). Desensitization, or reduced brain…

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