Violent Video Games Do Not Make Serial Killers Essay

1581 Words Apr 29th, 2016 null Page
Videogames and violence have always been a controversial topic but the argument has always been misconstrued in favor of the idea that video game violence affects youth, when it does not. This simple little thing really is a complete injustice and is completely unfair for the videogame industry, as parents demand they stop making violent games and this is simply trying to silence an artistic medium. It is just insane how much flack a company will actually get for this stuff and it 's stupid. We as a people need to say that enough is enough and that we need to stop all of this protest against violent video games. First thing is first, violent video games do not make serial killers. This is simply just a false statement. In fact violent video games may just prevent this. In order to explain this I must first explain why someone plays a videogame so I would like to bring up the acronym C.A.R. These three letter represent three reasons why someone plays a game. Let 's start with C which stands for competence. This is for people who are completionists or achievement hunters, those who leave no stone unturned and play games without missing a single thing. The next is A for autonomy. This reason for playing games is the sense that you have control over your actions, when you can’t count on life to be affected by your choices video games will always be there. Finally we have the R which stands for Relatedness. This is for people who need the feeling that they matter to others,…

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