Essay on Violent Video Games Cause Behavior

1557 Words May 14th, 2016 null Page
Some people who play violent video games display criminal behavior. Playing violent video games may make some people do things like breaking the law, killing, and stealing. Violent video games can affect people 's emotional state of mind.The emotional state of mind is the consciousness being affected by the violent video game and changing the way people think and act. “ Violent video game are linked to aggression. Aggression is angry feelings or violent behavior which has shown are link to violent video games” (Sifferlin). Some violent video games cause criminal behavior in people with anger problems because they are advertising for criminal behavior.
Different types of video games cause different behaviors in people that play them. There are rating on games that go from C through A. The game that is rated C which has content that is appropriate for young kids. An E-rated game has content that is for everyone. Generally the content is for all ages and may have cartoons, fantasy or mild violence, and some mild language. Games that are rated E 10+ are for everyone that is of the age ten and up it have more things added to it. The rating T is for teen and generally suitable for ages thirteen and up which have violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, and have strong language. The suggestive themes being suggestive idea that people put in games to make them more fun. M rating stands for mature it is suitable for age seventeen and up it has intense violence,…

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