Violent Video Games And Violence Essay

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Research suggests that individuals who play violent video games have an increase in aggression, and over the past twenty years there have been numerous studies reinforcing this belief. However, those studies fail to pinpoint the reasons why. This paper explores causal factors of aggression other than the violent video games. Therefore, variables other than the video games contribute to higher levels of aggression. Recent research suggests theses influencing variables are rumination, competition, desensitization, and gender. Surprisingly, in some cases, “gamers” did not have higher levels of aggression at all. In these instances, individuals who played violent video games with prosocial behavior did not experience higher levels of aggression. The focus of this paper will be on recent research that builds a strong case suggesting that violent video games are not the primary cause of increased levels of aggression with gamers.
Keywords: aggression, competition, desensitization, gender, prosocial behavior, rumination, violent video games.
Historical Perspective According to Hollingdale and Greitemeyer (2014), a majority of the research that has supported evidence to indicate the adverse effects of violent video games has made use of the General Aggression Model (GAM), which is a broadly accepted model for understanding media effects. The GAM assumes that cognition, affect and arousal mediate a person’s perception of a situation. Violent video games may temporarily increase…

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