Violent Media Is Better Than Adults Essay

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Everyday Americans watch television, play video games and listen to music. We see violence everywhere; on tv, in video games and even in music videos. Violent media has become something that we enjoy watching. We aren’t necessary attracted to violence, but seem to be drawn to violence content because we anticipate other benefits, such as thrill and suspense. We admire the acts of courage and moral beauty in face of violence. Even though violent media is entertaining to our eye, it does cause violence or aggressive behavior. Violent media has a different impact on people watching it. Adults process violence better than teens or children. Adults have a better understanding of what’s right and wrong than teenagers and children do. But on the other hand if a person has been watching violent media since childhood, they have a higher possibility to grow aggressive and violent. Children watching violent media may develop aggression because they can’t yet tell the difference between good or bad. Teenagers can be affected more than children when …show more content…
Teenagers or kids have less experience in life than adults. Adults are able to distinguish between good or bad. Teenagers are more prone to violence because their brain isn’t fully developed yet and their mental health can be damaged by violent media. Watching violent media will only harm a teenager and the teenager will grow into a violent aggressive person. Parents need to watch what their kids are watching, playing and who they interact with. Parents tend to buy their underage child a video game or a movie to their kids not knowing what it could do to their mental health. Kids should be enjoying life outside of violent media; spend more time outside enjoying life. Do not mix what you do in a video game with what you do in your everyday life. In our usual life there is a lot of positive energy and emotions instead of violent video games and horrible

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