Violent Crimes Throughout The Nation Essay

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When news media outlets report about violent crimes throughout the nation, many people have become de-sensitized to the fact that violence has become a part of everyday life. But how do people feel when a child escalates to a level of unthinkable violence? In August of 1993, Eric Smith was accused, tried, and convicted for the murder of 4 year old Derrick Robie. The community of Steuben County, New York were in shock and disgusted but were unaware that Eric Smith, who was 13 at the time, committed this heinous crime. Derrick Robie was lured by Smith into a wooded area where his was strangled, sodomized, and bludgeoned with two large rocks, causing his death. The crime in itself is extremely horrifying to the point where questions begin to arise of how can a 13-year old boy commit such an intense act of violence. When examining the causation of crime, there is no one concrete solution to why crime happens. Many variables come into play, and serve as an important link between and individual and crime. Was Eric Smith destined to commit crime? Was Eric taught how commit a crime(s)? Was aware that what he was doing was wrong? All the questions can be answered by dissecting different theories to why Eric Smith committed murder. To understand human behavior past life experiences of an individual must be examined to develop a reason for certain behavior. In life there is always starting point. Naturally Eric’s spiral into committing murder begins a birth. Theories…

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