Essay about Violent Crimes Committed By Minors

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The general public is of the opinion that children account for the vast majority of violent crimes, but these crimes are only 15% of crimes committed by minors.
Offenders who represent the majority of crimes committed by minors, sometimes called serious offenders, violent, and chronic.
During most of the 1980s, the number of juvenile arrests (ages 10-17) remained stable. Since 1988, the juvenile arrest rate increased dramatically and peaked in 1994.
The overall decline in youth crime corresponded to a significant improvement in the economy and lower unemployment in adolescence. Other possible explanations for the decline in youth violence include speculation that (a) the cocaine, "crack" (b) improving the enforcement of arms, (c) policies tougher sentencing juveniles ( d) programs for prevention of violence increased.
Juvenile arrests for drug offenses remained stable from 1980-1993. However, between 1993 and 2000, the rate grew by 78%, peaking in 1997. During 90 's, adult arrests for drug offenses I grew 42%. In drug-related arrests in children during the same period increased by 145%.
Female offenders. Another important trend that can be seen in the data capture is the growing number of young women were arrested. Between 1980 and 2000, juvenile arrests increased proportionally more girls than for boys. Arrests for young women increased by 35% compared with 11% for young men. This difference was especially pronounced for certain violent crimes. The increase in girls…

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