Violence, Sex, And Control Essay

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The word violence does not exclusively refer to actions that cause bodily harm; in contrast, violence can be inflicted emotionally and sexually as well (Effects of masculinity, sex, and control). Both males and females utilize violence as a way to manipulate others (Effects of masculinity, sex, and control). Consequently, gender alone does not sufficiently account for all violent behavior. Factors that influence a person’s proclivity to behave violently include their age (the relationship of violence to gender), their recent environment (Guns, testosterone, and aggression), their religiosity (the relationship of violence to gender), whether he or she has been a victim of violence (effects of masculinity, sex, and control), and even their prenatal exposure to androgens (aggression, gender typical childhood).
Although prior studies have proven that either males or females may be perpetrators of violent actions, and though it is empirically verified that gender is not solely responsible for these tendencies, there are biological and social factors that suggest males have a stronger predisposition to act violently than females. Testosterone is a natural hormone generally produced more in males than females, and higher levels of testosterone have been associated with higher levels of aggressive behavior (guns, testosterone, and aggression). While biology appears to be a contributing factor to male aggression, social beliefs about the nature of masculinity may also encourage men…

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