Essay on Violence Of Shakespeare 's Othello

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Violence in Shakespeare 's Othello In William Shakespeare 's Othello violence can be found in several different ways. Violence can be expressed physically, mentally, and verbally. This tragic play shows how jealousy and envy can overpower a person 's mind and lead them to wreak havoc on others. Not only does this story give many different examples of violence, it displays how mental violence can promote physical violence, and continues on in that cycle. Mental promotes physical which ultimately leads back to mental. All of the violence in this story revolves around the deception of Iago. Iago has a built up rage because he feels that he did not get the recognition that he deserved from Othello when he was not named lieutenant and Cassio was. The first obvious form of physical violence that occurred was when recently named lieutenant, Cassio fought Roderigo in Act two Scene three. Iago persuaded Cassio to drink even though he didn 't want to. Cassio 's drunkenness caused him to act differently and start a fight with Roderigo. Cassio says, "A knave teach me my duty! I 'll beat the knave into a twiggen bottle (p. 48)." At this point he strikes Roderigo much to the dismay of Governor Montano. Montano tries to stop Cassio from inflicting any more pain on Roderigo, but Cassio says, "Let me go, sir; or I 'll knock you o 'er the mazzard (p. 48)." Montano lets Cassio go and at this point he and Roderigo fight. This fight ultimately leads to the dismissal of Cassio as Othello 's…

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