Violence Is Bad And Out Of Hand By Jessica D ' Onofrio And Sarah Schulte

1164 Words Apr 19th, 2016 null Page
Have you heard about the young super savage rap star? His music messes people’s mind up and just flat out create violence. Chief Keef is born and raised in Chicago IL. growing up all his life before and after the fame was straight violence. Violence is getting very bad and out of hand. Gang/gun violence in Chicago is very bad in a new article by Jessica D’Onofrio and Sarah Schulte says “There were 292 shooting victims in January 2016, compared to the first month of 2015, when there were 136. That 's more than double. There were 51 murders in the first month of 2016, compared to 29 in January 2015. That 's a 75 percent increase”. The song Was, performed by Chief Keef addresses the issue of gun/gang violence when analyzed using a cultural lens.

Violence is a big problem all around right now. While it is trying to be stopped the situation gets worse everyday. In the city of Chicago, it 's so wild people are getting killed everyday; even kids are getting killed. Most of the killings are from gang or gun violence. Chicago has the highest number of homicides among cities with populations of more than 1 million. In this month already 10 has died 73 shot and wounded and 12 homicides all from gang and gun violence in the city of Chicago.

Gang and gun violence is all up in the media and movies. Gang and gun violence are in movies more and more nowadays but they don 't really know what 's really going on they are just going off with what they see and hear about. Like in the movie…

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