Violence In Libya Essay

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On September 11, 2012, radical members of the Islamic State carefully executed planned attacks on the United States Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi, Libya. They attacked the building at gunpoint at 9:40pm, however the US Ambassadors hid in a secret room and could not be found, so the attackers burst the buildings into flames at 10:30pm, killing everyone hidden inside. The attacks continued at 4am when a brutal attack using mortars launched at a CIA facility, killing two Navy SEALs. This violence was completely senseless and cannot be justified in any way. Of great concern is that this kind of violence is exhibited all over Libya, in particular those parts of the country that are not under the control of the new Transitional Government. Libyan …show more content…
These ideals obstructed the success of a new democracy, resulting in a horrible power dispute that causes a lot of violence accompanied by social and economical issues in Libya today. Libya started its modern history with Italian conquest and industrialization as an Italian colony, but they soon became independent after involvement in world conflict. The 1912 Treaty of Lausanne officially granted the Italian Kingdom power over Tripoli and Cyrenaica in Libya. This treaty resulted from the Italo-Turkish war fought over North Africa; this marked the beginning of Italian Imperialism in Libya. Italian rule in Libya played a pivotal role in the industrialization of Libya. Italy built railroads, highways for the military, and improved agriculture to support a growing population. This was Libya’s first modern ruler and the beginning of Libya’s industrialization. This industrialization was crucial to the development of Libya as a major oil exporter. Libya became involved in global affairs during the World War II North African …show more content…
Terrorism is seen all over the world and there has never been a definitive way to stop it. In Libya there is local terrorism as well as Islamic State terrorism. The local terrorism is directed to discourage the rise of the Transitional government and ISIS has similar motivation but also wants to bring their organization greater power. Local terrorism is seen in frequent car bombings as well as a specific attack on a police training facility, this is a direct attack on the government’s attempt to control Libya by setting rules and regulations for the people. ISIS infiltrated Benghazi and killed United States ambassadors, as well as Navy SEALs; they also attacked Sufi shrines in Tripoli to counteract all other religion than Islam, and killed Christians. This shows the terrorists attempt to morph Libya into a perfect nation according to an ideal of a nationalized country under common religion. Both forms of terrorism take away from the government’s power, deepening political struggles, which negatively affects economics and women’s rights. This frequency of warfare is another vessel for women to be pushed to the bottom of the

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