Violence Effects On Society

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Violence. It changes people. Extensive exposure to violence results in extensive changes to one’s character. Throughout past times violence has shaped the world we live in, forming the society we partake in today. I have studied ‘Gallipoli’ (mini-series) written by Christopher Lee, ‘Lord of the flies’ written by William Golding, ‘The purge’ written by James DeMonaco and ‘The boy in the striped pyjamas’ directed by Mark Herman. I felt that these texts showed sufficient evidence and connections through exposure to violence and how exposure to violence is present in all societies. Also how we interpret this violence’s effect on characters and today’s society. Individual characters are the most apparent connection between ‘Gallipoli’ and ‘The …show more content…
Shmuel is an 8 year old boy who was taken to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp with his father. Bruno is also an 8 year old boy, he moved to the countryside with his family after his father was promoted. Bruno soon sneaks off to find Shmuel sitting at a fence on the edge of the camp. Shmuel and Bruno become friends, but Bruno soon starts to notice how different Shmuel’s lifestyle is. Scenes from the film show how Shmuel is treated and how it does not affect him too much because he has been exposed to violence so much. A specific scene that shows this is after Kotler sees Shmuel (now a servant in Bruno’s house) with some cake that Bruno had given him, Bruno says to Kotler that Shmuel had stolen it and he is taken away. Bruno goes to the fence and doesn’t see Shmuel for a few days, One day he appears at the fence sporting a black eye. He does not seem bothered. I think this is because of how Shmuel and the other Jews around him have been treated and he is somewhat used to it. I think that Tolly and Shmuel show similarities and differences as to their reactions to the different types of violence they were exposed to and how it has affected them individually. Such as how they change over each text. Tolly shows significant change from how he reacts at the start of the series as to how he reacts through each section of the series; this shows a connecting difference because Shmuel doesn’t change his reaction to the violence because he is accustomed to it. I think they also help the reader relate to them on a personal level so the reader can understand the feelings behind each character and the differences and similarities between their

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