Violence Between Parents And Youth Sports Essay

1495 Words May 1st, 2016 6 Pages
There has been controversy about parents and their involvement in youth sports. The aggressive behaviors by parents during games can lead to them verbally or even physically abusing officials, coaches and other parents. Parent that show violence towards anyone, can result in a greater matter of legality. Also, when parents watch, comments are made towards their child that make them feel pressured while playing. When the competition arises from the game, “loss of human qualities” are portrayed from the parents because they are only worried about the way their own child performs rather than watching the whole team effort. Many people question how feasible, legitimate, and legal violence between parents and youth sports occurs and what can be done to fix it. Parents that show aggressive behavior during youth sports has the label “Little League Parents Syndrome (LLPS)” (Sachs). Those adults with that label tend to yell, scream and occasionally become physically abusive. There’ve been cases where parents, coaches, referees, or other parents that get verbal and physical with each other. Parents also get physical with players on their child’s and opposing teams, but it still isn 't considered right. Adults should be there as a supportive figure, helping their child get the best experience that they could possibly have and not creating a pressure-filled, unhappy situation. Many of these parents who show those abusive trends could be facing minimum of 10 years in prison (Sachs).…

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