Violence And Violence Is The Act Of Systemic Or Continued Unwanted Actions Of A Party Or Group?

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What is harassment and violence? Harassment is the act of systemic or continued unwanted actions of a party or group. It could be racial profiling, trying to force someone to quit a job, or just to make someone fearful of someone. Violence is a behavior that involves someone physically forcing or hurting a person or something. Harassment and violence is a major issue in the workplace of many. Getting to know the descriptions and examples of specific types of harassment and violence, appropriate ways to recognize and respond to harassment and violence, harassment and violence that nurses are subject to during their careers and resources available to the victims are main topics that will be focused on. There are many types of violence and abuse that people go through on a daily basis. Some people go through many of these in one setting. There are nine types of violence and abuse. They are physical violence, sexual violence, emotional violence, psychological violence, spiritual violence, cultural violence, verbal abuse, financial abuse and neglect. These types of violence and abuse are subject against workers and others throughout life. Physical violence is the most common type of violence. It is when someone uses something or a part of their body to free someone or control someone into doing what they want them to do. Physical violence may also be physically abused that would result in someone having pain, injury, and discomfort. Examples of physical violence would be…

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