Violence And Law On Roman Politics Essay

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Both violence and law had an impact on Roman politics. The three documents The Twelve Tables, Appian of Alexandria, and The Rape of Lucretia show prime examples of the impact law and violence had made. Each document reveals different factors in Roman politics. The Rape of Lucretia, reveals mostly violence. The Twelve Tables is mostly about law, and Appian of Alexandria shows information of both violence and law.
The Rape of Lucretia explains that Tarquin, and his sons are bad rulers, it reads “Indeed, the young princes, at any rate, spent most of their leisure enjoying themselves in entertainment on the most lavish scale” supporting the fact that they would spend excessive amounts of money on themselves. Tarquin was the last king to rule over Rome, his reign ending in 509 B.C regarding of the rapeing of Lucretius. The document reveals that one evening as the king and his noblemen were drinking they broke out in a dispute of who has the better wife. The men decided to go and see for themselves who in fact had the better wife, all of the women were found at a dinner party, in the greatest luxury. However Lucretia, Conllantinus’s wife, was not at any party, she was found surrounded by her busy maid-servants spinning. It was then that the competition of who had a better wife was put to rest. Collatinus invited the men to sup with him. During the super sextus became infatuated with Lucretia’s beauty and proven chastity. Sextus became determined to debauch her. The noblemen…

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