Violence And Its Effects On Society Essay

1127 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 5 Pages
Today, back then, and always there have been many social issues which need to be changed. For example, Violence is a social issue which has been and is still going on today. How does it affect the society? What causes Violence? There are many questions asked here, but what are the answers to them? They are about to be answered. While Violence can 't be put to good use, any type of violence is not good at all. Violence should be decreased instead of increased because it causes a lot of damage not only to the environment but to humans. Violence affects the society in many different ways.

To being with, Violence is force or strength which involves physical damage towards something or someone. This social issue includes destruction or harm being done to something or someone. To this day, this issue is still being continued there are still a lot of adults and children causing violence. Those who witness violence or are exposed to it are most likely to cause it or suffer from it. Also, conflicts between humans are another way that violence is being continued. Many adults have conflicts between each other and that is what may cause the violence between themselves. It may be domestic violence or any other type of violence. Instead of people resolving their conflicts by communication, they find it easier to fix it with violence.

Secondly, Violence can lead to unacceptable behavior and change of behavior. Violence causes teens or young adults to get kicked out of school or…

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