Violence And Gender Based Violence Essay

1301 Words Dec 10th, 2014 null Page
Violence towards women is a worldwide issue that negatively affects the value of their life, and threatens the physical and emotional wellbeing of women. Violence towards women is a worldwide issue because it includes half of the humanity. It is also important to understand what kinds of social, psychological, cultural and financial problems women are encountering. In Pakistan, women live in a world which is regulated by strict spiritual, family and traditional customs. In Pakistan, women are subjected to multiple forms of violence, discrimination and inequality in relatively every aspect of life. In order to advocate the overall situation, some effective actions are taken by people who are involved with the government, institutions and organizations of Pakistan. Before analyzing the gender-based violence in Pakistan, it is important to understand the interpretations of violence and gender-based violence. According to Gelles and Straus (1979), "Violence is an act carried out with the intention of perceived intention of physically hurting another person.” The meaning of gender-based violence is defined as “physical, psychological and economic abuse of a woman by her partner or by another person within the home or family.” (International Planned Parenthood Federation ,2000). Physical violence includes physical suffering varying from punching to severe forms of violence, such as scorching and murdering of women. Psychological violence…

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