Essay about Violence Analysis And Prevention And Intervention

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Violence Analysis and Prevention/Intervention
Juvenile Violence

When studying any form of crime, we always come back to the offenders and juveniles. The following variety of questions are imposed: “What caused the behavior?”, “What could have been done to help?”, and “How can such behaviors be prevented?”. The path of crime and delinquency is always shaped during one’s upbringing. The childhood and early adolescent phase in one’s life is deemed the most important time the shaping one’s path of criminal behaviors. Numerous factors can influence one’s path negatively, but there are also programs and precautions taken that can prevent delinquency. Those who study criminal behavior almost always can look back on one’s early life and pick out which risk factors caused their behavior, what programs they should have completed, and other steps that could have been taken to change the path. It is nice to look back and know what went wrong, but early intervention is crucial to change the obstructive path of a juvenile. The following content of the paper will indicate common risk factors for juvenile violence, discuss a current program, and elaborate on a program I feel would work better.

Risk Factors The majority of juveniles are not born with the instinct of being violent and delinquent. That being said, some biological factors such as disabilities, can deem a more difficult task for juveniles to be successful. There are numerous individual, family, community, and…

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