Essay about Violence Against Women 's Violence

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Summery Violence against women is abhorrent and accept in our society. Researches have shown that violence violence is social accept in some circumstances. Jayne Mooney did a survey in London and find out that violence against women was accept if the women was sexually infindelity, neglect the house or household duties. Also women usually stay in the relationship because they love their partner and believe that they will change. And if they have children women accept the violent act because the children. They leave when the perpetrator start to also abuse the children. Mooney compare the technique of neutralization by Sykes and Matza to define violence against violence. What it is more scare is that teenager are more common to support perpetrator than victims, One famous case was the pop- star Rihanna and Chris Brown. Girls were more likely to support Chris brown and blame Rihanna even though social media show the photos of Rihanna face after the incident. People don’t report this crime becuase they didn’t see as a crime and believes that is a inside family issue. Jayne Mooney argues that violence against women is a social phenomenon that is both socially abhorrent and accept. There is no accurate definition of violence because can be difficult to define and measure because can vary by culture, race, age and gender. Mooney’s research about domestic violence was that both women and men justified domestic violence in some situations. Also she found out that in other…

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