Essay on Violence Against Women in North East

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Background of North East India
Consisting of seven states, the north-eastern part of India is bounded by China in the north,
Bangladesh in the south west, Bhutan in the north west and Burma in the east. Isolated from the rest of India, both geographically and economically, this region is tenuously linked to the rest of the country by a narrow corridor running 56 kilometers through the foothills of Bhutan and Sikkim to the state of
West Bengal. As the region abruptly descends to the plains of the mainland, cultural, social and economic contrasts are strongly evident.
There is an ongoing struggle by people trying to establish their right to autonomy, in most of the seven north-eastern states, which has led to political
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Practices such as dowry and bride burning are not very prevalent in the region. This is often cited to portray a picture of equity between men and women in the region and has given rise to the presumption that violence against women is not a major concern in the area. Data collected by the North East Network however suggests that violence against women, particularly domestic violence, is on the rise in the North-east.
The high rate of domestic violence in Assam is reflected in a study conducted by the Law
Research Institute, Guwahati, covering police stations in the 23 districts in Assam which reported

10,423 registered cases of violence against women (including rape, dowry, molestation and kidnapping) over the past 10 years.
The ongoing armed-conflict situation prevalent in the North East of India has intensified the violence faced by women, which takes the form of sexual, mental or physical abuse, killings and clashes. Although all the members of communities are affected by the armed conflict, the impact on women and girls is far greater because of their status in society and their sex. The region, under the shadow of conflict, has witnessed a resurgence of patriarchal values and norms, which have brought with them new restrictions on the movement of women, the dress they wear and more overtly physical violence such as rape, which is systematically used as a tactic against a particular community. All this is compounded by the long

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