Violence Against Women And Girls Essay

828 Words Jun 11th, 2015 4 Pages
This weeks readings were very disturbing regarding violence against women and girls. The readings solidified the fact that these forms of violence continue under a private sphere and that awareness of this issue both regionally and globally has a long way to go before the needed and required change takes hold. Progression has been made but given the magnitude of the problem, the changes have only made a small dent. There are predisposed stigmas regarding gender given varying gender socialization beliefs over time and from society to society. Thus, inequalities are rooted within the gender of women and girls to this day that carry an unbalanced perception with regards to value and respect and as a result, there is a continuous cycle of violations to women’s human rights. The W.H.O. report brings attention to the global issue of intimate partner violence as well as non-partner sexual violence towards women and girls. Both intimate partner violence and non-partner sexual violence are widespread and have important effects on women’s physical, sexual and reproductive, and mental health…with potentially large impacts on levels of women’s morbidity and mortality (World Health Organization, p. 5). Alarming are the estimates for IPV (physical and/or sexual) with regards to regions and age group. Prevalence was found to be highest in African, Eastern Mediterranean and South-East Asia regions, averaging 37% and exposure was found to be highest among young women 15-19 years with the…

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