Violence, Abuse, And Harassment Against Women Essay

911 Words Dec 6th, 2016 4 Pages
In Chapter 14, our class went over the topic of violence, abuse, and harassment against women. Although it was brief, the discussion we had and the video we watched were very impactful. Violence against women is a serious issue that sometimes makes people uncomfortable when talked about, but it is important. In this paper, I would like to discuss the different types of violence, the cycle of abuse, and how you can help fight the stigma of this abuse being a “women’s issue.”
Violence is categorized into 3 groups by the World Health Organization. The first category is self-directed violence. Self-directed violence is what it sounds like: violence done to oneself by oneself. Some examples would be suicidal behavior, cutting oneself, burning oneself, and self-mutilation. Self-directed violence occurs most often in adolescent females who will usually have a history of self-abuse. WHO’s second category is interpersonal violence. Interpersonal violence is violence that is inflicted upon someone by another person. In most cases of interpersonal violence against women, the perpetrator is normally a partner or family member, but strangers are also included under this category. This category is where domestic abuse, stalking, child abuse, rape, and incest fall under. The last group is collective violence. Collective violence is violence directed at a specific group of people, nation, or population. Examples of this type of violence would be terrorism, trafficking, or organized violent…

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